The Death Of Lupe Vélez…

I posted a few photos of Lupe Vélez here yesterday, candid images that won’t be appearing in my book because of the photo cull from 150 to 75. Rather than letting the unused photos sit on my desktop, I’m sharing them with you all here. So, here’s a few more, though I forewarn you, they aren’t as pleasant as the ones in my previous post….

Above: Lupe Vélez in her coffin.

Jorge Negrete (1911-1953) and Mario Moreno, who used the moniker, ‘Cantinflas’ (1911-1993) paying their last respects to Lupe Vélez as she lay in her coffin. Negrete and Moreno were two of the greatest Mexican movie stars of all-time, Negrete as a leading man and singer, and Moreno (Mexico’s answer to Groucho Marx) as the most famous comic-character his country had ever produced. In 1944, they were both leaders of The Mexican Actors Guild (ANDA). Since Lupe’s will had not yet been probated, her family had no means to get her body from America to Mexico so The Guild stepped in and paid for the transportation of Lupe’s body back to her home country.

Above: Lupe’s mother and sisters pay their respects…

Several members of Lupe’s immediate family pay their respects before her body at the funeral home. Left to right: Two of Lupe’s sisters stand beside their distraught mother as she is supported by an unidentified man.

Funeral Day…


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11 responses to “The Death Of Lupe Vélez…

  1. Wooow thanks for these pictures, as heartbreaking as they are….it’s wonderful to see Jorge Negrete and Cantinflas there as well as Lupe’s sisters and mother….what a sad day!!!! =(

    • moderator

      You’re welcome, Renata. I had so many photos that I was unable to use in the book, I thought I’d post some here.

  2. John

    Hi Michelle,
    Thank you so much for sharing these with Lupe’s fans.
    The picture of her in her coffin will hopefully restore to Lupe some of the dignity in death that many of the lurid and untrue accounts have hitherto denied her.
    I look forward to buying your book when it is published.
    John, United Kingdom

    • Moderator

      Thank you, John. I appreciate your comments. I hope my work brings Lupe some long-overdue dignity. I don’t think anyone could still believe that she died with her head in the toilet after reading my book. I’ve covered her life and death in depth. As I say in my book, the truth was sad enough, there was never a need to make up something so horribly salacious and dishonor her. She was, by all accounts, a lovely person…a little bit nuts, but lovely all the same. Take care, Michelle xo

      • John

        Hi Michelle,
        Living here in the UK, I recently bought the biography on Amazon, and I found it a fascinating read.
        Although I’ve been interested in Lupe for years, the book is full of information I’ve never read before, and the exhaustive filmography, as well as the guide to her radio and theatre appearances, helps fill in a lot of blanks regarding her career and her activities . There are some lovely photos as well, and the detailed account of the circumstances of her death easily lays a few myths to rest.
        Thank you for all of your effort in writing the book, and I hope it is a deserved success.

  3. Moderator

    Thank you so much, John. I really appreciate your feedback and I’m glad you enjoyed the book so much. I’d love for you to put your thoughts on Amazon, if you haven’t already. If you’d like me to send you a signed bookplate for your copy, I’d be glad to. Just e-mail me your mailing address – – Thanks again, John 🙂

  4. Ruth

    Thank you for showing these – there is a story in our family that my great grandmother was the make up artist/hairdresser/dresser for Lupe when she came to London and they were close for a time, Lupe even asking if my great Grandmother would come back to Hollywood with her. We have often wondered in our family what would have happened if she could have had the support of a strong South Londoner!

    • Moderator

      What an interesting story, Ruth. Thanks for sharing. There are so many “what-ifs” when it comes to Lupe. By all accounts she was very well liked and she was also very generous. She took many people under her wing, so if she liked your great grandmother, and her work, I have no doubt about her offering her a job in Hollywood, as her personal make-up artist.

  5. Lisa Vaughan

    Hello Michelle,
    You have brought a well deserved resolve to the mystique of Lupe Velez. That face- that crazy accent- that talent! My questions are: Do you know of any personal collections of Lupe’s jewelry or other effects? And did you view her house on Rodeo Drive during your research?
    Best regards,
    Lisa Vaughan

    • Moderator

      Hi Lisa,

      Nice to hear from you, and thank you 🙂 Isn’t Lupe’s house gorgeous? Sadly, it’s one of the few remaining classic Hollywood homes. I would love to know if her jewelry still exists somewhere. She had such an amazing collection. I have seen a dress or two come up for auction, but that’s it. Thanks for writing, Michelle xo

  6. Stephanie Velez

    Hello Michelle,
    I came across this webpage after looking at Lupe Velez pictures, which I do every now and then. You see as an early teen I just loved the 20’s fashion and the flapper’s life, I did as much research into it as I one could in the 90’s pre-internet age. Then early 2000 got computer then came internet and I looked up what I loved and came across Lupe Velez, and I was so excited, a flapper for one and two we share the same last name. However, things got pretty weird, we also share the same birth month and day and in jr.high I took drama which was in 1991. There is a whole lot more that I share with Lupe Velez and I just thought that I would share my story with you. Thank you for your webpage.
    Stephanie Velez

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