Breaking News! The Lupe Vélez Book Cover!

It’s official! The cover of my upcoming book on the life and career of Lupe Vélez was sent to me today. I’m sharing it here for you all to see. This is the only place you’ll see it until it goes up on the McFarland website, and, as soon as it does, I’ll add the link here for pre-orders.



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4 responses to “Breaking News! The Lupe Vélez Book Cover!

  1. Erika

    Love It!!!! We really need to get the BOBOB to carry your books – so you can for a book signing and maybe a Packers Game.. 🙂

  2. moderator

    Thanks, Erika! Yes! You need to do something so my books are on those shelves 🙂

  3. I looove Lupe and I am soooo buying your book as soon as it’s available!

    • moderator

      Fantastic! Thanks 🙂 Should be available for sale early next year. I will post more details when they come to hand.

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