The Tragic Life of Gail Russell…

I’d like to write a book on Gail Russell someday.  But for now, see the link below:

Gail Russell Article



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5 responses to “The Tragic Life of Gail Russell…

  1. Bill LaVallee

    When researching your book, do some investigating on the w2w relationship Gail had with hillbilly singer, Dorothy Shay at one time in their lives… blv

  2. kc

    A book on Gail Russell is long overdue,Good Luck

  3. Harry

    How is the book on Gail Russell going?

    • Moderator

      Hi Harry,

      I’ve ditched the Gail Russell idea. Currently doing proofs on my Marilyn Monroe book, which will be released soon. Will be taking a break after that. It’s been a long and tiresome process doing the Lupe Velez book and this one back-to-back. Thanks so much for your interest – Michelle xo

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