“The Artist” – A Throwback To The Bygone Era Of Silent Film!

With a review like the one provided at the link below, I’m really excited to see The Artist when it hits theaters soon.

Are you going to see it?

Review HERE


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7 responses to ““The Artist” – A Throwback To The Bygone Era Of Silent Film!

  1. Betty

    Do we see a little of John Gilbert in this movie? Having said that, I am looking forward to seeing this movie.

  2. Erika

    It was in Chicago at the Film festival last month & I couldn’t get off of work to go & see it. I have been waiting for this film to come out in wide release since Cannes. CBS Sunday Morning did this story about it a few weeks ago..


    I really don’t think it will play here in Green Bay, So I am watching to see if it will at least come to Milwaukee and maybe get there to see it.

    Small town living sucks when you are a not a Trend movie fan….

  3. moderator

    Thanks for posting that link, Erika. Seems the film has rave reviews across the board. I can definitely smell an Oscar…or four! I hope it doesn’t take its time coming here. I’ve checked our local theatre already…no sign of it in the near future…so, I wait!

  4. PGreen

    Yes you’re more likely to see Rambo 25 or Toy Story 3DD – they’re making these films in double d-cups now! LOL

    I applaud a filmmaker daring to be original – even if it is an homage to an earlier era.

  5. PGreen

    Los Angeles Times : “The Artist,” a black-and-white silent film starring French actors little known outside their native country, opened to surprisingly strong ticket sales. The movie — one of the best reviewed of the year so far — opened in two theaters in Los Angeles and two in New York and collected a total of $210,414, according to an estimate from distributor Weinstein Co. That amounts to a per-theater average of $52,604 — the third-highest such figure for any film that has opened in limited release this year.

    “My Week with Marilyn,” which stars Michelle Williams as the tragic icon Marilyn Monroe, did not have as robust a debut as “The Artist.” The film, which centers around Monroe’s life during the 1956 production of “The Prince and the Showgirl,” opened in 123 theaters on Wednesday and expanded to 244 on Friday. By weekend’s end, the picture — also being released by Harvey Weinstein’s independent studio — had collected a decent total of $2.1 million.

    Both films were received positively by audiences, with “The Artist” receiving an A and “Marilyn” earning an A-, according to market research firm CinemaScore. Each picture appealed to an older crowd: 71% of the crowd who saw “Marilyn” was over the age of 35, while 67% of the audience fell into that age range for “The Artist.”

  6. moderator

    Thanks for that info, Paul. Both films were very well received.

  7. Lisa Sinkko

    I love Silent Film so I will probably have to wait til it comes out on DVD but oh Yes I will see The Artist More than once I’m sure

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