Grandson of Rita Hayworth Found Dead…Apparent Suicide…

Sad, sad news…

Article Here


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4 responses to “Grandson of Rita Hayworth Found Dead…Apparent Suicide…

  1. Betty

    Such a sad story Michelle. Good luck doesn’t seem to run in that family.

    I have to wonder if their is a genetic factor at play.

  2. Lisa Sinkko

    Suicide is always a permanent solution to a temporary problem. My heart goes out to his mother Yasmin and Father Basil. R.I.P. Andrew

  3. Erika

    this saddens me greatly,. The Alzheimers Organization which he worked for is 1 of FEW national Charities that I happen to support. He worked very hard in helping his mother & his own dedication to AIDS prevention & help is also something that it seemed he gave very much time & care to. Whatever it was that drove him to this sad ending is a greater loss than many ever realize.

  4. moderator

    Well said, Erika. You have to wonder what was going on that caused him to think that suicide was his only way out. Will we ever know?

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