Interesting New Documentary Coming Up On Clark Gable…


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3 responses to “Interesting New Documentary Coming Up On Clark Gable…

  1. Lisa Sinkko

    I will certainly purchase and cherish this documentary and companion book I have her Marilyn Monroe book. I will pass this information on to the Gable museum for a possble fund raising event for next summer. I live very close to the Gable birthplace/museum

  2. Betty

    I will purchase this documentary in as soon as it is released. Clark Gabel has been dead for over 40 years and he still commands the attention of fans. He had that special “it” that can’t be explained but will always keep him alive in our memoraies.

  3. Erika

    So on the MUST get list – No Questions about it.. will be begging the Movie Manager at work to order me one for the release date… 🙂

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