Citizen Kane Oscar Up For Sale…Again!

Will it sell this  time???

Article Here


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9 responses to “Citizen Kane Oscar Up For Sale…Again!

  1. Betty

    I am sorry to read that a family member would sell this item. Of course I don’t know if they need the money but I find it rather sad. Orson was a gifted man and any of his children have plenty of reason to have pride in his accomplishments.

  2. Betty


    Your book on Lupe hasn’t been issued and already interest in the film rights? You go girl. Am so happy for you.

  3. moderator

    Early days yet, Betty, but yes, a producer has my manuscript. Her story should be told, so long as it follows my truthful account of her life, it’d be a riveting bio-pic.

  4. PGreen

    The Orson Welles Oscar sold for $861,000 Michelle.

  5. moderator

    Thanks for letting me know, Paul. Did they release the buyer’s name?

  6. PGreen

    “Nate D. Sanders Auctions spokesman Sam Heller declined to reveal the high biddetr’s identity, but said bidders from around the world, including David Copperfield, vied for the Oscar.”

  7. moderator

    It’ll probably come out eventually…

  8. PGreen

    Okay it was me. I’ve been selling lots of books. LOL

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