Chaplin Files Reveal Birthplace Mystery…He May Have Been Born in France!

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2 responses to “Chaplin Files Reveal Birthplace Mystery…He May Have Been Born in France!

  1. Betty

    I really dislike unsolved mysteries but in this case I have to say: What does it matter where he was born or what was his name. He gave a gift to the world and while his political leanings may have been liberal; he was no menace to the USA and for him to have been banned was appalling.

  2. PGreen

    McCarthyism was a plague that destroyed careers by threatening actors, directors and producers to name names or be blacklisted. Anybody with leanings to the left was considered a “threat” to American democracy. Of course by his actions McCarthy was proving democracy didn’t exist in 1950s America. And now all the years later America is in bed with communist China. With his films Chaplin helped boost the US film industry but to others he was undermining American values. America can be a strange country. Inviting immigrants but at the same time spying on them.

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