The Nun Who Kissed Elvis…

“Actress,” Dolores Hart will once again walk the red carpet at this year’s Oscar ceremony. She, unlike most, has appeared at Hollywood’s most prestigious night…at two very opposite ends of the spectrum. The first time was in 1962, as a budding twenty-three year old actress, she gave Elvis his first onscreen kiss…now seventy-three, decades after she turned her back on her career, she will walk the red carpet again – as a real-life nun!

Hart is the subject of a documentary about her life, and yes, it’s nominated for an Oscar!

Come Oscar night, I’ll certainly be cheering for God Is Bigger Than Elvis.

Read the article below. What a GREAT story!

Article HERE

Below: That Kiss!

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  1. PGreen

    Even nuns aren’t above some self promotion. 🙂

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