It’s OSCAR Night!!!

The making of an Oscar…

Video HERE


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11 responses to “It’s OSCAR Night!!!

  1. Erika

    What the Heck is Stacy Keible Wearing? she looks like she is wrapped up in bad Christmas Foil.. . Sorry I think she could have done WAY better… So far I am in LOVE with Mila’s white beaded dress – Very Glamorous, Virginia Madsen in the Purple LOVE IT, and I like the color of Missi Pyle’s gown, but not particularly the cut of it.

  2. Moderator

    I JUST got in the door! Monday mornings, we read with Ryan’s class. So, I’ve just tuned in…ARRGHH! I did get to see Stacy Kiebler on a flashback though…she’ll jinx George with that gold number…yes, she does look as though she’s rolled around in some leftover Christmas paper…LOL!

  3. Erika

    Cool what did you read?
    Yeah next year George can take you & I we have a bit better taste.. i don’t know maybe it’s prettier in person?.. That seems to be rarely true tho.
    Don’t worry I have only seen the photos on Yahoo News.
    Watching all of that live pre-show junk stresses me out..
    I won’t tune in till Our Old Pal Billy crystal (Thank GOODNESS) is on stage.. .

  4. Moderator

    Twenty-two kids, prep (kindergarten) to grade two. We read the story books to the preps, they choose a new one each week, and the older kids read to us…with help when they get stuck 🙂

    Not long until the show starts…exciting!!! 🙂

  5. Erika

    Looks like the Tech Oscars are going to go to Marty. I am alright with that. Haven’t seen the film, but have read the book. It has to be an Amazing film.

    Jolie needs a different shade of lipstick, a bit too orange-ish.

    Carmen Diaz won over Lopez in the having a classy dress. That one could have gone either way.

    Octavia – AWESOME if you haven’t READ that book

    I have certainly MISSED Billy Crystal..

  6. Moderator

    Angie looks like a skeleton with huge red lips!

    Haven’t seen “The Help” – it’s already on DVD here. Will have to get it.

    “Hugo” is an amazing film. A big screen film though, visually stunning.

    Hey, “The Artist” starts here on Thursday…March 1st…our TENTH wedding anniversary! Guess where we’re going to celebrate??? 🙂

  7. Angelina Joile is suffering from her own publicity. I don’t fnd her her sexy in the least. Too much make-up, too thin and too affected. That “sexy” leg performance was sad. Looked like she was touting for action in an Amsterdam shop window.
    I’m also getting tired of Robert Downey Jr’s constant desire to be “funny.” His routine with Paltrow was lame and slightly offensive in the way he tried tu upstage her. Glad she had a sense of humor.
    The disguised penis jokes by a couple of The Bridesmaids cast was totally out of order and not funny at all. Yet another attempt to belittle the American male.
    I thought the show was lacklustre and Billy Crystal was below top form. He’s lost some of his spark and energy and dare I say was a little old-fashioned. As much as I dislike Chris Rock he had the funniest routine.

  8. Moderator

    I agree with most of what you said, Paul. Angelina’s “whore stance” was desperate and pretty darn embarrassing. The guys that accepted the award that she presented all got up on stage and stuck out their right leg too. It was hilarious. I can just see her fuming at them making a joke out of her. But that’s what she was, a joke. We saw the thigh-high split. She didn’t need to cock out her leg, one hand on the other hip. It was cheap.

    Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow starred together in the Iron Man series. That whole routine was rehearsed. No upstaging. That’s what it was supposed to be like. I applaud Downey Jr. for turning his life around. He was rock bottom.

    The Bridesmaids cast didn’t belong there. I agree.

    Billy Crystal fell flat. Many of his jokes went nowhere. He resorted to laughing at his own jokes at times. His usual blank stare after delivery was met with silence too. I didn’t think his joke about “Wanting to hug a black woman after seeing “The Help,” but you have to drive 45 minutes out of Beverly Hills to do that” was at all funny either. Again, neither did most of the audience.

    Bring back Hugh Jackman as host!

  9. Yes I applaud Downey for beating his addictions. I also think he’s a talented actor with an intensity that reminds me of Al Pacino. Now you mention it I see the Iron Man connection. I’ve seen the film twice for goodness sake!

  10. Erika

    Billy crystal did fall a bit flat, however, it was WAY better than James Franco last year. The person hosting has got to want to be there & that is what the difference is.

    Ms. Jolie needs a steak & well someone to pop her ego wouldn’t hurt either. The guys who accepted the award from her mocking her just made me want to buy their film.

    I am happy that Christopher Plummer won, I need to see that film. I am alrite with Meryl winning & she looked nice in her gold dress. it suited her. I haven’t seen the Iron Lady, My current British History isn’t that good so I have kinda stayed away from it.

    I ADORED “The Artist” so that made my evening.

  11. Moderator

    I thought Christopher Plummer’s speech was one of the best of the night.

    Meryl Streep is an amazing actress (“Out of Africa” is one of my all time favorite films), but I get tired of her surprised reaction at winning, like she SO never expects to even be a contender. It all seems a bit fake to me. I know she’s been nominated far more times than she’s won, but still…

    Yes, the gold dress looked good on her. She usually wears such drab colors. It was a nice change. The thought of seeing the Margaret Thatcher movie bores me though…I used to walk out the room to pop the kettle on whenever a news item came on about her when she was in office. The real Maggie T bored me. I’m sure Meryl did an exceptional job of portraying her (she certainly looked like her) but I’m not going to seek out the film.

    As for Angie…remember, the camera ADDS ten pounds. So, exactly how skeletal does she look in person?! That heavy black velvet dress against her pale, bony arms and body, and those bright lips…she looked awful! She reminded me of one of those little dolls that are shoved into the big ice-cream cake for a kid’s party.

    Then, when she strutted out on stage and posed like she’s all that, I was thinking, “Is she for real?!” I bet Jennifer Aniston pissed herself laughing! LOL!

    Those guys who accepted the award cracked me up too. Can you imagine how livid she would have been with them mocking her like that?! She probably plucked a hair out of each of their heads and has a little doll in their likenesses that she’s sticking pins into! 🙂

    Billy C looked tired. He was better than Franco, absolutely, but WE would have been better than Franco, Erika! His jokes died early on. The audience just didn’t seem to be that into his routine, which made the pauses, for the “shoulda been” laughs – awkward. He’s been bagged in the press today for a lackluster job.

    “The Artist” winning – BRILLIANT! I can’t wait to see it on Thursday!!! 🙂

    You HAVE to see “Hugo” on the big screen. If it hasn’t already stopped playing there.

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