New Peg Entwistle Play – “Goodnight September” Coming SOON!

It’s very encouraging to see new plays and films based on the lives of actors/actresses of the bygone era being developed. Tragedy struck the lives of many stars during those early Hollywood days…Peg Entwistle was one of them.

At age 24, having already appeared in a number of plays and with a slow, but promising start in film, she jumped to her death from the Hollywood sign. Sadly, as a result of this tragedy, she is sometimes referred to as “The Hollywood Sign Girl,” but oh, she was so much more…

A UK play is currently being developed by the folks over at Crazyhouse Theatre Productions, loosely based on Peg Entwistle’s life, it is slated for completion by the end of this year.

For more information, please visit the below link:

Article HERE


 Below: Yep, that’s Peg. 

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