Classic Movie Poster Sale…Found in an Attic, Glued Together…Now Restored and Up for Auction…

One of those, “Darn it! Why couldn’t it be ME!” stories… 🙂

Article HERE


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8 responses to “Classic Movie Poster Sale…Found in an Attic, Glued Together…Now Restored and Up for Auction…

  1. PGreen

    Great period artwork on the Public Enemy poster. I find the Dracula artwork weak though.

    • Moderator

      Matt, $2000, lying around??? I think you mean $200,000! 🙂 Okay, for those of you who didn’t know, my grandfather, post-war, worked as an usher at the local movie theatre. My dad had quite a few siblings, they didn’t have a lot of money, so the manager of the theatre gave my grandfather the old movie posters for the kids to draw on. They drew on the backs, then they turned them over and drew glasses, horns and moustaches on the actors and actresses on the front. After that, they were put into the incinerator! I know, I know…my dad cringes at the thought of it now, however, at the time, it was just big sheets of paper to play with. If only he knew…

  2. Matt

    Nah, Paul, great colors on the “Dracula” poster. A real fine representation of art from the time. If I had 2000 lying around, I’d probably spend it on something else though. “The Public Enemy” is an amazing poster. I totally agree with you on that one. When Michelle’s dad was a kid, he drew and colored on old Australian movie posters. They were given to him to draw on and color. You can just imagine what went into the garbage. That was the norm. I guess that is why a haul like this is so valuable today.

  3. Love to have it but alas too rich for my blood

  4. PGreen

    What’s too rich for your blood Lisa? Dracuuula? 🙂
    Regarding the poster art – the artists probably got paid an average amount of money for their work at the time and all these years later speculators make the real money. They’re bloodsuckers – just like Dracula. Glad your Dad had fun with the posters when he was a kid Michelle. That’s what really counts.

  5. Moderator

    Still pocket change, Paul. It’ll go higher yet.

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