And You Thought “The Artist” Was The Only Modern Silent Film…

…well, think again!

Russian director, Vladislav Kozlov, has created a silent feature about the life and career of Rudolph Valentino. Kozlov will also take on the role of Valentino himself, and he looks remarkably similar to the matinee idol (see the photo comparison posted below). This film has been in the works for a number of years, so it’s certainly not riding the coattails of The Artist, it just seems that way.

Are modern silents the new fad or the new trend?

Whatever it is, to redevelop an old art form generations down the line from the days where silent films were the only films and present it to modern day audiences who are not only used to (read: spoiled by) sound, but also by color images and the in your face action of CGI and 3D…it’s a bold, brave move. One to be applauded. There’s nothing wrong with progression, but in our modern world, to wind back the clock and strip away that progress gives us a taste of, and reminds us of the rawness of film in those early days.

Developing, filming and releasing a silent film in 2012 is not an easy task.

Hopefully, The Artist and Silent Life will also prompt audiences to seek out original silent films. Many silents have been beautifully restored and are now available on DVD. There’s nothing like renting or buying a ninety-year-old film and watching it for the first time as a “new release”.

Go on, try it. Have a movie night at your home – without sound! Pick a comedy and even the kids will enjoy it! For starters, I highly recommend Charlie Chaplin in The Circus…a fantastically funny family film 🙂

Here’s an interview with Kozlov about his upcoming film, Silent Life.



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3 responses to “And You Thought “The Artist” Was The Only Modern Silent Film…

  1. I hope to see this movie

  2. If it truly follows the life of Valentino – I think it could be a tremendous hit.

  3. Looks interesting. I have more faith in overseas films to be faithful to the original material than Hollywood which re-imagines history at a him.

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