Marilyn Monroe’s REAL Voice…

In the below audio interview you will hear Marilyn Monroe’s REAL speaking voice. Though recognizably her, her natural voice is a much lower register than the higher pitched/sexy coo that was manufactured  for the screen.



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11 responses to “Marilyn Monroe’s REAL Voice…

  1. Erika

    She kinda sounds like Jackie O in the beginning of this. I had a great aunt who talked liked that, It took me years to finally realize that she learned this form of dictation while working on the east coast.

    Us Midwesterner’s tend to drop or add syllables to quite a few words while speaking.

    I am kind of sad this form of talking has seemed to have gone out of style.

  2. Moderator

    Yep, we’ve all become sloppy, Erika. My dad, who desperately needs a hearing aid and is reluctant, says that he can understand every word out of the mouths of actors in classic Hollywood films, but modern films…he says, “they all mumble!” Deafness aside, he’s probably right!

  3. betty1114


    It does seem as if we talk in short hand or talk to fast. You need to get your dad to realize a whole new world will open up to him if he gets hearing aids. Part of the problem (why people are reluctant to wear hearing aids) is that to some it is a sign of old age and worse still mental retardation. The hearing aids are now designed so small no one can tell and the digital programing blocks the background noise = which to a person with normal hearing are normal sounds – but to a hearing impaired person is crashingly loud and bothersome. Sorry to go on about this on a Marylin blog, but as a long time wearer of hearing aids; I feel that it is important to advocate every possible chance. Good luck.

  4. I’d love to hear her Norma Jean accent before the elocution lessons. But MM had a nice soft voice. Very feminine. I agree with your Dad Michelle. The diction on classic Hollywood stars is so clear.

  5. It’s sad to think Norma Jean was buried under the creation called Marilyn Monroe and today people remember the fiction rather than the real person with the soft feminine voice.

  6. I like her real voice so much better 🙂

  7. Erika

    PGreen – You bring up a good point. But I always wondered if she didn’t somehow like Norma Jean & MM sounded like a Great Idea & way for her to run from her past.

    Never realizing that changing your name doesn’t really change any of the the demons within you & may even create more for you to deal with.

    So Tragic…

  8. I think it’s another tragic Hollywood story Erika. They demand you change your name and persona. When I wrote my book on Jennifer Jones it was a similar story. Phylis Isley from Oklahoma became Jennifer Jones at the demands of David O. Selznick who then molded her new image. In sensitive souls it can create major psychological problems. Jennifer Jones attempted suicide at least twice. The person has a screen persona that fans love but there’s a deep emptiness inside because JJ and MM both knew they weren’t the screen image. It was a fiction. They want to be loved for the person they really are. Norma Jean and Phylis. And a further split appears when they believe the publicity of their created image.
    The Hollywood system dealt in commodities. A person was just another selling point to make dollars. No wonder these actresses were lost souls.

  9. Moderator

    Marilyn’s voice was created by her drama coach, Natasha Lytess. The emphasis on certain letters in words gave her a clipped tone, and she also slowed her natural voice down, for a reason.

    Marilyn Monroe stuttered and whenever she was nervous (and she was terrified on a movie set) she would stutter. That trained voice was a method of speaking for her to concentrate on and it prevented her from stuttering. I agree, her natural voice was very feminine and easy to listen to.

  10. I love marilyn monroe

  11. Movie producers and directors of the past ruled the set with ironclad/fist methodologies, causing a very caustic environment. They’re techniques made for hostile and abusive work environments.

    By modern social standards, our generation would most likely instruct those antiquated individuals to go f&%! themselves. It is evident, in her clips aside from acting, of her demeanor caused by such environment. That’s enough to cause anxieties in any human being.

    Nonetheless, it is also evident that as she matured, she began to stand up/fight for herself and rights, by use of wit.

    I’m sure, individuals involve in the oppression of gender have and will meet their karmic demise. TBC MM-M

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