Legends of the Wax Museum Auction…

While the Chaplin figure is pretty good, the Harlow is horrendous. Take a look at the range of celebrity and historical wax figures up for auction in the link below. I wonder if they’ll even get the opening bids…

Article HERE



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9 responses to “Legends of the Wax Museum Auction…

  1. They are Horrible looking Ick

  2. Erika

    Maybe it’s just me but was Harlow’s hair ever that long? idk – maybe she just always had it pinned up in her films.

    those are pretty bad & creepy. I certainly wouldn’t be considering spending that much $$ on them.

  3. betty1114

    Jean Harlow certainly deserved better. The hair on the figure was awful.

  4. Moderator

    The Harlow is the worst of the ones I scanned. Her hair is wrong, her nose is too big, as are her boobs. The figure looks like a bad transvestite…oh yeah, there ARE good transvestites 🙂

  5. Erika

    In reading the auction description of the Harlow Lot – they are claiming that Harlow actually sat for the artist & the face was done as a wax cast on Harlow’s own face. I do not know anything about KATHERINE STUBERGH to be able to confirm the listings claims or not. Maybe this figure has been “reworked” over the years & that’s why it looks so bad?

    • Moderator

      I know, I saw that. A lot of the descriptions claim the face was a cast of the actual person. Maybe they’ve added wax over the years, hence the enlarged nose? I don’t know, but if this is what it looked like when it was done, I hope Jean Harlow never got to see the final result!

  6. Diane

    Here’s more about Studbergh…


    I think with a more appropriate wig, the Harlow was is passable. I’ve certainly seen worse likenesses of other celebrities. Given his quirks, I really don’t see Howard Hughes doing a sitting a life mask, but who knows… seems Studbergh did a lot of wax work for films as well.

  7. PGreen

    I think the face is okay. Looking at various portraits her face varies with her age. She did have a big nose and at one time her face was fatter as it is here. But her hair was usually curly, although in some photos it’s straight. I think this might be the “off camera” Harlow – warts and all.

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