Happy 86th Birthday Marilyn Monroe!



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4 responses to “Happy 86th Birthday Marilyn Monroe!

  1. PGreen

    Looking good for 86. 🙂 Given her problems I guess she’d be dead by natural causes had she lived a full life. I always think it’s a dangerous time for an icon when they reach a certain age. It’s always good to speculate what they’d be doing today had they lived but at 86 she’d be retired or dead. And her good looks would have disappeared. And who knows she might have ended up being a footnote like Jane Russell when she passed away recently. Impossible to know.

  2. Moderator

    Yeah, it’s impossible to know…but it’s curiosity that keeps people wondering what she’d be like as an old woman. I agree. Had she lived, I don’t think she would have ever made it to the age she would have been on this day.

  3. Hi,
    I tried to like this post but for some reason it wouldn’t let me 😦
    I like your blog..

  4. Reblogged this on Imangryatnews's Blog and commented:
    Happy Birthday, Marilyn you like James Dean created an entire culture.. Amazing..

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