The Lupe Vélez Proofs Are In…

…which means I’ll be hibernating for a few weeks to get them done and back to the publisher for printing.

As “Arnie” says, “I’ll be back!” 😉


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8 responses to “The Lupe Vélez Proofs Are In…

  1. James Zeruk

    Congrats, Michelle! Great news! Good luck and I’ll be hibernating in another cave working my deadline! 😉

  2. Moderator

    Thanks, James. When is your deadline?

    • James Zeruk

      July 21! It was going to be July 7, but when I saw all that Mcf wanted me to do I figured I better get a couple more weeks.

  3. Moderator

    They’ve seen the entire manuscript?

  4. Moderator

    So you’re working on sending them the whole thing by July 21?

  5. Moderator

    Too easy! 🙂 Contract??? Message me.

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