Celeste Holm Makes Three…

Well, sadly, the passing of actress, Celeste Holm (age 95) has once again confirmed the ol’ “they die in 3’s” adage. We’ve lost Andy Griffith, Ernest Borgnine and Celeste Holme within a couple of weeks of each other, however, their collective contribution to film and television will be forever remembered by us all.


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2 responses to “Celeste Holm Makes Three…

  1. Erika

    Had to laugh when I got to work today at 9:03AM the Movies Manager calls back to the warehouse & says SAANNNTEEEE (yes that is what I am called & EXACTLY the way he says it) Tell me what Films Celeste Holm is famous for. I rattled off All about Eve, A Gentlemans Agreement, & High Society. all 3 of which we have in stock & were prompted promoted next to the Andy & Ernest films on the Legends Remembered table.

    Sadly it seems that table is staying full way too much 😦

  2. Moderator


    Well, you’re the go-to-girl for classic Hollywood stuff, but as you said, it’s not like the films you recommended are flying out the door because of their deaths. Too bad…the majority of the customers just don’t know what they’re missing!

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