Jerry Nelson, Voice of “Count von Count” on Sesame Street Passes Away…

Jerry Nelson’s passing is one of those Hollywood deaths that pop up and hit you smack in the face. As a puppeteer and voice of the loveable, eccentric “Count von Count” on Sesame Street, he brought the character to life and taught generations of pre-schoolers about numbers. Additionally, he voiced  many other well-known Jim Henson characters, most notably, “Sgt. Floyd Pepper” on The Muppet Show and “Gobo Fraggle” on Fraggle Rock.

While his passing leaves an enormous hole, his decades of talented puppeteering and voice work will long be enjoyed by future generations as re-runs of Sesame Street, The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock are enjoyed by toddlers world-wide. Jerry Nelson has gifted generations of children with a fun, and funny way to learn about numbers and how to count. There is no greater legacy than that.

Jerry Nelson was 78 years old.

Article HERE

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