First Look: Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly…

…is it just me, or does Nicole Kidman (seen in the photo below) coiffed to play (and look like) Grace Kelly just look like Nicole Kidman in dowdy clothes?! I’m not liking these first images at all. She looks nothing like Grace Kelly. The film, aptly titled, Grace of Monaco, is now shooting in Monaco.

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2 responses to “First Look: Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly…

  1. Diane

    I’m thinking the clothes are from a time when Grace was expecting… at least I hope so!! I am not liking the hair at all. Grace’s hair was always far more coiffed / polished than that… or maybe they left it like that because they planned to put that scarf on it…

  2. Moderator

    It’s definitely a maternity outfit, but she doesn’t even look pregnant. She looks dowdy, her hair is still too red, and as you said, Diane, it’s not coiffed enough at all…scarf or no scarf, her hair is wrong.

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