Christina Cassini Wins Estate Battle

Congratulations to Christina for sticking it out and getting the money she always deserved.

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Above: Designer, Oleg Cassini



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9 responses to “Christina Cassini Wins Estate Battle

  1. Diane

    So VERY sad that Oleg’s widow can’t be happy with her memories and what she has left of his estate… that she can’t seem to lay this to rest and move on with her life instead of continuing with her legal battle. This poor woman must be both a lawyers dream and nightmare all rolled into one…

    I am sure that Christina is happy to finally put this behind her.

  2. Moderator

    Well said, Diane. I agree. Not sure who’ll she get to represent her this time!

    • mike

      soo sad it all comesdown to money. such hard work put by gene, giving us all so many great memories that live thru the ages. class act. life has to be so hard and confusing at times. still have photo of gene as one of the great actresses and a beautiful woman. god bless her children.. mike

  3. Erika

    Who would take the Chance to Represent her? It seems like a total waste of their resources. I feel sorry for her, yet I wonder why she even was with Oleg. Did she him as her Money Tree, and is now upset that he actually decided to take care of his kids first?

    It’s sad in so many ways & for so many different reasons. Makes one feel the old adage “Money is Root of All Evil” maybe be true for many people.

  4. Leslie Weller

    Marianne Nestor ran Oleg Cassini’s licensing and fragrance businesses. He married her but never made it public. It was widely assumed to be a mutual use. Bravo to Christina Cassini. Much good wishes for her future.

  5. Yvonne Hemming

    I knew Christina “Tina” Cassini in the 1950’s. We were childhood friends in Westport, CT, and when her mother, Gene Tierney, moved back to New York City, we lost touch for many years.

    Looking back, I was so excited to go to her to her birthday parties. I remember that her parents were divorced which was rare in those days. Oleg Cassini, would be there for her birthday parties, sitting on the stairs in the house, smiling and beaming at his lovely daughter, Tina.

    I also had never met a woman as beautiful and nice as her mother, Gene Tierney. I’ll never forget seeing her mother one day at her home. She had taken up painting landscapes. She came out of her den where she had been painting, and embraced me and welcomed me to her home. She was so warm and friendly.

    When I was older, in my early 20’s, I had the chance to see Christina again in New York City before she moved to Italy.

    I am so happy that Christina won her law suit. It is appalling that this woman tried to stop her from receiving her rightful inheritance.

    If Tina ever reads this posting, please get in touch with me.

    I am married and now live in Palm Beach, FL.

    Yvonne Hemming Coats

  6. Moderator

    I will, Yvonne. But I haven’t heard from Tina in years. Maybe she’ll come across your post and make contact. Let’s hope xo

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