Was Clark Gable a RAPIST????

According to new reports, Clark Gable, the so-called “King of Hollywood”, date-raped, Loretta Young, producing their illegitimate daughter, the late Judy Lewis! These startling revelations come from Young’s daughter-in-law, Linda Lewis. It’s been a family secret for decades, and not something that Judy Lewis ever knew about, which is probably for the best! Judy Lewis came to know about her paternity in her early-twenties. Her resemblance to Gable was uncanny, and while she eventually knew he was her biological father, she died not knowing the truth about her conception. It was a family secret, buried to protect Judy Lewis, thus avoiding the hurt and further scandal that would come from such a shocking revelation.

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Above: Clark Gable and Loretta Young


Above: Clark Gable and his daughter, Judy Lewis.


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3 responses to “Was Clark Gable a RAPIST????

  1. betty1114

    Linda Lewis claims the story was never told to protect Judy Lewis but she has no problem hurting the Gable family, sulling the reputation of Clark Gable? Was this a fabrication to polish the tarnished halo of St. Loretta’? This was the same pious catholic lady who had a n affair with the much married Spencer Tracy. Sorry, I just don’t buy it.

  2. I tend to agree with you, Betty. It may well be an attempt to victimise Loretta in an attempt to “explain” the child out of wedlock story. As you mentioned, having an affair with a married man is stretching the Catholic rules a bit too ūüėČ Bottom line is, when stories like this pop up, all we have is our own opinions. So many years have gone by, so many stories have been told and the main players are all dead! It’s like that game “telephone”. Tell a story to the first in line, by the middle of the line it’s a variation of the original and by the end of the line, it’s completely changed! In comparison, we’re getting to the end of the line with these Linda Lewis statements.

  3. KoniginElle

    Wait! She only disclosed that when everyone involved were deceased? How convenient! This Linda Lewis sounds like an attention seeker to me!

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