“The Gift” (2015) with Jason Bateman – Psychological Thriller…My Type of Film!

I stumbled upon the trailer for The Gift today. Looks fantastic! I’m hoping the film as a whole lives up to its preview. With Jason Bateman in the lead, both trailers (see below) point to this being a tense psychological thriller…with a twist. I suppose Gone Girl was the most recent film in this genre, but these type of storylines seem to be few and far between. There’s often little-to-no production cost as far as CGI is concerned, just clever writing and good acting. The one bright spot here is, as far as rising talent and the ol’ triple threat, is Australian, Joel Edgerton. He stars in the film, but he also wrote and directed it. Alongside Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall, Edgerton plays “Gordo,” the protagonist, bearer of past secrets and unwanted gifts.

I certainly count Sleeping With the Enemy, The Sixth Sense, Disturbia and The Call as some of my contemporary nail-biting favourites. What have I missed? Your recommendations are most welcome in the comments 🙂

See trailers for The Gift (2015) below:


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2 responses to ““The Gift” (2015) with Jason Bateman – Psychological Thriller…My Type of Film!

  1. Just recently, I watched THE BABADOOK which leans more towards psychological horror, yet I must confess it was one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. So glad it won the Australian Film Institute Best Picture award!

    As far as psychological thrillers are concerned however, I highly recommend to you Michelle the best I’ve seen in the last few years, even better than GONE GIRL and I thought it was WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN with Tilda Swinton. Other new ones I recommend are EX MACHINA, which was written and directed by Alex Garland as well as MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE starring Elizabeth Olson which was spellbinding!

  2. WOW! Thank you for those recommendations, Christopher! I remember the buzz about The Babadook when it came out. It’ll be on DVD by now. I’ll have to go to Amazon today and track it, and the others you mentioned, down. Thanks so much xo

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