RIP Uggie…

He was the little Jack Russell terrier who stole the show in the Oscar-winning (Best Picture, lead actor and director) silent feature, The Artist. Sadly, he’s passed on (prostate cancer) at the age of thirteen.

Despite the many canine stars preceding him, Uggie was the first dog to get his paw prints immortalised outside Graumann’s Chinese theatre in Hollywood. He was the star attraction at the Oscars. He even has his own book!

Devastated owner/trainer, Omar Von Muller, announced his beloved pooch’s death on his Facebook page yesterday. Uggie was a rescue dog, and it was a something that Von Muller reminded us of at Uggie’s paw print ceremony in 2012, saying, “The main message that Uggie would like to send to everybody out there is to please adopt. He’s adopted. He made it. If you guys can adopt a dog, even if they don’t make it on the big screen, they’ll be big stars at your house.”

RIP Uggie! You not only stole the show…you stole our hearts 🙂


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