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The interpretation of one’s life will change upon reflection, no more so than from the person who lived it  – Michelle Vogel.

If you’re a fan of old movies then you’ve come to the right place!

My books primarily cover the lives and careers of some classic Hollywood actors of the “Golden Age” that you know, and quite possibly a few that you don’t…reason enough to buy my books to find out more 🙂

All of my books are in print and available online, either via my publishers (McFarland and Wasteland Press) or alternatively, Amazon and Barnes and Noble Online sometimes offer deals that can’t be beat! Be sure to shop around for the best price!

If you own a Kindle, you’re also in luck. Several of my books are now e-books too!

Aside from news about my own projects, I’ll post tidbits on anything relating to old Hollywood. There’s always lots going on. Lost films that are found, lost films that are STILL lost, new DVD releases, Hollywood memorabilia auctions and just weird and wacky stories that are too good NOT to post. So, if it’s interesting and it relates to silent thru classic Hollywood, you’ll most certainly read about it here.

I’m also very passionate about songwriting. Telling a story with words and music is my ultimate goal. My original songs are available on Spotify and most other music streaming platforms. Take a listen! My YouTube artist channel has lyric videos uploaded for each of my songs. I am lucky enough to have many various (and very talented) artists sing my songs from all around the world. That said, each song is fully owned by me and they’re NOW AVAILABLE for licensing by an established recording artist, and/or for TV/film-related projects.

I can be contacted at my email address – mvozus@gmail.com – if you’re interested in licensing my work.

Thanks so much for your support – HAPPY READING & HAPPY LISTENING!!!

Michelle Vogel

8 responses to “Welcome To My Blog!

  1. Doug Gambichler

    I just e-mailed you a ‘fan letter’, so to speak. Can you add me any updates you may get on anything related to Olive Thomas? By the way, I forgot to ask in my letter. I am going to buy Tom Sawyer and Olive is uncredited as a choir member. Have you seen it? Is it easy to spot her? Or does the camera just zip across the choir? Please advise.


    • mvozus

      Hi Doug,

      Nice to hear from you. I did just receive your “fan letter” in my inbox and it was lovely. Thank you for all your comments. I will respond privately tomorrow…well, it IS tomorrow as I type but it’s 3AM and I need some sleep…what I mean is that I’ll respond in the light of day 🙂 It’s been awhile, but I believe it’s hard to spot Olive in Tom Sawyer, Doug. That’s my recollection, anyway. It’s been a number of years (and a few books ago) since I saw it 🙂 You may want to check eBay for some Olive Thomas items. Interesting things pop up from time to time. Sarah Baker produced the Olive doc, featuring The Flapper. As you said in your e-mail, it’s become exceedingly expensive now because it’s out of print already. Here’s a link to Sarah’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=706255447&ref=ts – Maybe you can write her an e-mail and ask her more details. I’ll end now and respond to your lengthy message on the weekend sometime. Thanks again, Doug. In closing, I’m really glad you’ve discovered Olive Thomas. She was an amazing talent, a stunning beauty, and she deserves any recognition she can get. Be sure to take photos of your cemetery visit. I was there a few years ago, paid my respects, left flowers. They were supposed to be preserving her tomb a while back. Hope they’ve done that. Say “Hi” to “Ollie” for me 🙂

  2. suzy dwyer

    i have the pic shes easy to spot

  3. Christopher Kulik

    Hey Michelle! I just wanted to let you know I shot you email with more about my project as well as the Speakeasy Dollhouse: The Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic going in New York right now. Enjoy! 🙂

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