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How Far is Too Far???

Well, The National Enquirer have snared the Holy Grail of Whitney Houston photos – her very last…lying in her casket! And of course it made the front cover of the latest issue. Not surprisingly, it’s caused a storm of controversy.

The photo was taken at her “private viewing,” so it was either taken by a friend, family member…or funeral home associate. To think that someone may have been invited to the private viewing because they were a trusted member of Houston’s inner circle and then turned around to profit from the moment, well, that’s pretty horrendous.

How far is too far? – THAT’S too far!

As for The National Enquirer publishing the photo. Poor taste has nothing to do with it. It’s business. They’re in the business to sell magazines. It’s photos like Whitney’s last that sells magazines. Why? Because the public want to see those types of photos. They do. She’s not the first celebrity lying in his/her casket that we’ll see on the front cover…and she won’t be the last.

I can guarantee you that most people who scream bloody murder over the casket photo being published have still picked up the magazine to look at the photo with their own eyes, maybe even bought a copy. Yeah, it’s shocking. But so is the fact that Whitney Houston is dead and buried…the photo isn’t the problem, it’s the reality of it.

And, remember these shocking NE covers…


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