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My Letter to Mayor John Duran Regarding the Imminent Demolition of Pickfair Studios

Dear Mayor Duran,

I’m writing to you about the proposed destruction of Pickfair Studios. I’m sure this isn’t the first e-mail that you’ve received on this topic, and it most likely won’t be the last either.
As you would be well aware by now, there is quite the uprising about the planned demolition. And rightly so. As an author and Hollywood historian, from my point of view, it is vital that these buildings not only stay, but are brought back to their former glory. Open them for tours. People WILL come. If the CIM Group need options for making these buildings viable, that’s one very good option.
The council should never have approved this needless demolition in the first place. Hollywood has a rich history, THIS is part of that history. A big part. So much of Hollywood’s past has already been lost to time. These buildings were the start of it all. They’ve survived. Please DON’T destroy them. Whatever permits are in place need to be halted pending further talks. You have the power to do it. This is not something that can be undone once the wrecking ball comes in an knocks it all down.
I urge you to do some further reading about the importance of these buildings, then and now, and the people who not only built them but walked those floors and worked within those walls so many years ago. And, most importantly listen to the people who desperately want these buildings to stay.
Progression is important, but this “out with the old and in with the new” mentality is not always best. If this demolition goes ahead, the signatures of the West Hollywood Council committee approving the destruction is solely responsible – period. Recognize the mistake and do an about face before it’s too late. You will be part of history and the hero to thousands if you do.
Don’t be responsible for future generations walking past the gate of “The Lot” and saying, “That’s where Pickfair Studios used to be”.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Michelle Vogel

About Mayor Duran

If you’d also like to contact Mayor Duran, write to him here –  jduran@weho.org – Please remain respectful and courteous at all times. When (and if) he responds to my letter, I’ll post his reply.


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