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Please Donate Towards a Cenotaph for Peg Entwistle

We got her (& her father) a long overdue headstone, now it’s time to raise funds for a Cenotaph at Hollywood Forever. This memorial plaque will face the Hollywood sign, the very sign Peg Entwistle jumped to her death from in September 1932.

Peg Entwistle is often referred to as “The Hollywood Sign Girl” because of the tragic way she took her life, jumping from the “H” of the Hollywood sign, a sign that represents hopes and dreams, not only to her, but to any aspiring star who makes their way to Hollywood. Some succeed, some fail. Peg felt she failed. However, there was so much more to her story…a tragic twist. If you’re not familiar with her biography, take a look at her highlighted name at the beginning of this paragraph, click for more info.

 $3000 is needed to get the plaque made and placed. Be a part of history. Every dollar helps. Thank you SO much 🙂

Donate HERE


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