Marilyn Monroe…Murdered?

It’s been a hot topic for decades…did Marilyn Monroe really commit suicide or was she murdered?


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3 responses to “Marilyn Monroe…Murdered?

  1. PGreen

    There are amny questions surrounding Monroe’s death. The best evidence for foul play was shown in a a BBC documentary many years ago. Although Monroe had a personal history with suicide attempts in her past the events of that final day contain many contradictions of testimony. And it’s a fact on the autopsy report it states her stomach was empty.
    My personal opinion is she got too close to some VIPs who treated her like their private whore. Hollywood, Vegas and the political scene combined to mix a lethal cocktail for Monroe.

  2. mvozus

    Yeah, I agree, Paul. She got in way too deep, knew too much and had to be eliminated. Though she was quite fragile at times, I don’t buy the suicide explanation either. With all the evidence suggesting otherwise, I really don’t know how the conclusive findings came to that in the first place…you don’t have to be a doctor or any form of genius to realize something else went on in that room.

  3. PGreen

    The BBC documentary stated Monroe was actually moved from her bedroom (she was still alive at the time), taken in an ambulance and returned to her bed after they failed to revive her and she died. The logic of this is beyond me.

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