Righting Oscar’s Wrongs!

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8 responses to “Righting Oscar’s Wrongs!

  1. PGreen

    Glad to see Laurence Olivier’s performance in “Carrie” listed Michelle. The reversal of the American Dream was too grim for the censors who deleted a flop house scene. They didn’t like their realism too close to home in Hollywood. After all it was a dream factory. It still is – but this type of film could only be made by an independent producer these days. We are further away from grim reality than ever before. CGI rules.

  2. mvozus

    Yep, I agree. There’s no such thing as a good story anymore…everything is CGI and 3D!

  3. Erika

    I agree with this list. although I will admit I can never seem to make it thru The Shop around the Corner without falling asleep. Maybe I have to watch it with someone.

    I really wish they would make movies like these again. I think too many people are hooked on special effects and blow ups these days rather than a good story.

    • mvozus

      Oh, Erika, you have to watch The Shop Around the Corner again. I love that film…it has such charm. That said, I think the mindset of today’s audiences have changed…though it’s Hollywood that’s changed them…dumbed them down to be accustomed to the visual image instead of listening and paying attention to a decent, well told and well acted story. Those days are over I’m afraid 😦

  4. Erika

    I agree that those days are over. The Movies manager at B&N has started watching more classic films cuz I keep telling him to. He was Excited this past week to tell me that he had watched BOTH versions of Imitation of Life and The Letter. He finds it funny that I will always reccomend a classic film or order one over the Top releases. We where talking about how Life was filmed in B&W and how the Race Relations was protryed so subltly that if you were NOT really paying attention you would miss it. I always say that it takes MORE talent to film in B&W than it does in color. And it takes more Imagination to watch B&W films and to follow the cinematogaphers & directors visions than in color. Think of Jezebel – You know her dress is Red even though it looks gray scaled on film and in (I think it shop) She wearing a Polka Dotted blouse and J. Stewart comments on it. Today one barely has to use their senses to watch a film. Such a loss.

  5. mvozus

    Absolutely, Erika. As I said, Hollywood has dumbed down audiences. The good old-fashioned story is gone. And, if the imagination of the consumer has gone, you’d have to say, book sales are also on the downward slope too…

  6. PGreen

    I feel the dumbing down has had the effect of older viewers appreciating classic films even more. There is still a niche audience among the baby boomers for classic films and books about classic stars and films.

  7. mvozus

    Yeah, you’re right, Paul. Those baby boomers are getting on though…the younger generation need to step up and look into the past to see where the real quality work lies, otherwise, the past will be just that – the past!

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