According to Liz Taylor, James Dean Was Molested As A Child…


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6 responses to “According to Liz Taylor, James Dean Was Molested As A Child…

  1. PGreen

    For some reason this news doesn’t surprise me. Dean appeared to be a conflicted soul and this emotional angst most likely have fed into his acting.

  2. mvozus

    I’m sure all the details of this and other things we’re yet to know will come out once Liz’s diaries are published, Paul. It’s going to get very interesting…

  3. Erika

    I feel awful that I am EAGERLY waiting for Elizabeth’s Diaries to be published. I am very curious to read about her friendship with Cliff her marriages her jewels and her feelings about her life.

    thursday at work I opened a box full of trade paperback editions of “Elizabeth” by J. Randy Taraborrelli. Her death was in it…. Even in this day & age that was FAST…. I am assuming that it had to be waiting on the presses since mid Feb.

  4. mvozus

    I know, it feels a bit creepy to be waiting for the diaries but she wanted them to be published after her death. They were her instructions. Amazing that “Elizabeth” had her death in it! I guess they were sitting on it, waiting for it to happen…even creepier than us waiting for her diaries, Erika 😉

  5. PGreen

    Just as creepy, she gave instructions to be 15 minutes late for her own funeral! LOL And they followed her instructions.

  6. mvozus

    I know…that was great! I love it that they abided by her wishes though. I can’t help thinking the squabbles over her millions will be on the horizon…she did leave a lot to the AIDS foundation and I’m just wondering if the amount will be contested by family? Time will tell…

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