So, How Many Classic Hollywood Stars Are Left?


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3 responses to “So, How Many Classic Hollywood Stars Are Left?

  1. PGreen

    They forgot Margaret O’Brian who is talking about Elizabeth Taylor on a Biography special this evening.

  2. PGreen

    I see the Taylor biography I watched last night was actually made in 2003. Quite a few stars who talked about Taylor (including Taylor herself which made the documentary very interesting) have since passed away – including Janet Leigh.

    A funny story Taylor told about not wanting to accept Cleopatra. She was taking a bath and shouted to Eddie Fisher who was on the phone to Fox, “Tell them I’ll only do it for $1 million and 10% of the profits”
    Taylor didn’t expect a response having quoted such an astronomical figure. To her amazement they said yes immediately. She couldn’t believe it. And the end result is Fox nearly went bust a few years later.

  3. Margaret O’Brien seems lovely. I’ve seen her a few times in interviews and she just looks so genuine.

    Re: Taylor and “Cleopatra,” yeah, I heard that story on a bio I was watching on her life last night. She was the first to break that $$$ barrier.

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