They Go in 3’s and Zsa Zsa Fears She’s Next…


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2 responses to “They Go in 3’s and Zsa Zsa Fears She’s Next…

  1. PGreen

    At 94 she can’t complain Michelle. It is sad to see icons from our celluloid past passing away. I was brought up with Taylor etc. part of everyday news. It seems nobody is replacing them in terms of talent or star quality. Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon etc. are minor talents in comparison and bland interview subjects.

  2. mvozus

    I’ll take 94, Paul…it’s a great age. It must be hard to see all your peers and friends die off though. No matter how old you are, realizing your time is almost up must be very tough. Zsa Zsa and Liz were friends and lived just doors from each other. I can see how she’d get upset by her passing. With the way her health has been of late, I was surprised she was lucid enough to be sitting up and watching the news! That’s how she found out.

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