Yvette Vickers Died Of Heart Failure Says Coroner…

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4 responses to “Yvette Vickers Died Of Heart Failure Says Coroner…

  1. Lisa

    This story is so Heartbreaking I wonder who is going to claim the body? where she will be buried?

    It sends shivers down my spine to think she will be go unclaimed and buried in a paupers grave unmarked.

    I sincerely Hope this doesn’t happen to her.

    • moderator

      I doubt that will happen, Lisa. There’s been so much press surrounding her death, I’m sure someone will step in and do the right thing, especially considering how horrible her end was, some wrongs need to be righted now.

  2. PGreen

    You can be 100% certain she won’t be given a pauper’s grave. The sad thing is this type of neglect of the elderly happens regularly but it takes one to be an actress or a Playboy model for people even to mention it as a news item. And that’s the real backstory to this tragic tale.

  3. Lisa

    I am a support of the “saving the lives of their own” Campaign fighting to keep the motion picture and Television long Term care facility Open It was recently taken over by UCLA and it does remain open. My godmother’s Cousin died there he was a Character Actor in the 1970’s. She should have gone there. But as Mr. Green Pointed out the focus on neglect of the elderly is not a front page story unless it happens to a “STAR”

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