Unseen Marilyn Monroe Pics Bought At A Garage Sale For $2!

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Below: One of the rare Marilyn Monroe pictures purchased at a garage sale thirty years ago…the lucky owner has only now revealed his secret photo collection to the world.



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3 responses to “Unseen Marilyn Monroe Pics Bought At A Garage Sale For $2!

  1. PGreen

    What an amazing discovery for Monroe fans – such as myself. 🙂 Hard to believe the original owner had no idea what they were selling. How can you not recognize Marilyn Monroe? And why would you keep these photos a secret since 1980 if you bought them for $2.00? The story sounds phony. Great photos though, no matter how he actually came to own them.

  2. PGreen

    …or maybe this guy was apprehensive about the original photogrpaher claiming ownership if they were published and it is only now that he feels secure the photographer has most likely passed away.
    I love the idea of finding photographs nobody knew existed. It brings fresh life to any subject.

    • moderator

      Yes, you got it right the second time, Paul. Waiting thirty more years pretty much ensures the photographer would be dead. If he exposed what he had back when he purchased them, he’d be neck deep in copyright legalities and ownership issues. He was very smart about it. That’s one helluva secret to keep for THAT long though 🙂 Like you, I LOVE hearing about these newly discovered photos, especially the semi-candids like these ones. It does bring new life to any subject, but when it comes to Marilyn Monroe, it’s a HUGE deal!

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