A Little Piece of Liz Taylor…Going, Going – Gone!

While the below article claims there’s an art deco bracelet that’s estimated to sell for under $100, we all know that auction estimates, especially on celebrity memorabilia, can go anywhere!

It’ll be interesting to see some of the final prices when it’s all over…

Read Article HERE


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3 responses to “A Little Piece of Liz Taylor…Going, Going – Gone!

  1. Lisa Sinkko

    I could never get rid of her things if she was my parent or loved one. Especially her Jewels.

  2. PGreen

    I always find it rather sad that relatives of recently deceased celebrities are so quick to cash in on their personal belongings. Don’t they treasue their memories or is their relationship dependent on their dollar worth?

  3. moderator

    Maybe they keep one or two special items (per person) and just sell off the rest. Liz Taylor left a lot of money from her estate to charity. Not that the kids are hurting in any way financially, but I guess if they don’t sell off some personal items, then it’s just going to sit in storage somewhere.

    John Wayne’s family kept all of his belongings in storage and only sold off everything recently. So, I guess the sale is inevitable.

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