Another “Oz” Munchkin Leaves Us…

RIP Karl Slover



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4 responses to “Another “Oz” Munchkin Leaves Us…

  1. PGreen

    Imagine living to 93 years of age and your entire life being defined by a few months work in 1939 as a fictitious “munchkin.” RIP.

  2. moderator

    Back then, there certainly would have been a stigma attached to being a little person. Different times. And, “Oz” gave them star status for their entire lives. There’s thousands of “actors,” (both then and now) that wait tables and never get a break in Hollywood. I bet those actors would love the opportunity to be known for decades (and forever) because of just one film.

  3. PGreen

    Depends if they see “munchkins” demeaning to little people and perpetuating a stereotype Michelle. It would make a change to see a little person treated as an equal and not as an object of fun.

  4. moderator

    Equality covers areas of race, stature, sex, religion…the list goes on and on. The “munchkins” were characters that Baum created and the little people who portrayed them have been honored and doted upon for years. If you asked any one of them if they regretted or resented their place in film history, I doubt very much they’d say “yes”.

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