Natalie Wood’s Mysterious Death…The Case Is Officially Re-Opened!

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25 responses to “Natalie Wood’s Mysterious Death…The Case Is Officially Re-Opened!

  1. Betty

    Natalie Wood was a favorite of mine and her death was senseless but
    I have to wonder why the captain has waited all these years to tell his story and I don’t beliece for a minute that Wagner had anything to do with her death, at least not in the physical sense.
    The news conference will be at 2:00 CST and we will know more at that time.

  2. Lisa Sinkko

    Do you think she and Wagner were involved in a domestic dispute and she was trying to get away? I always thought it was Wagner and Walken who were fighting?

  3. moderator

    I guess it’s a “cleansing of the soul before he dies” scenario. I don’t know how old the captain is, but he has to be getting on. If he was told NOT to call the coastguard and to NOT tell the police everything, that’s reason enough to re-open the case. If anyone saw the news conference, let me know what happened. I’m sure a lot more will be explained at that time.

  4. moderator

    The fight was between all three of them, then just Natalie and Robert, apparently. None of us were there, all of these stories circulate second hand and everyone has alternate versions. I’d like to think this new info isn’t a drummed up version of events to coincide with the 30th anniversary of her death next year. A painful time for her family anyway, let alone now, with the scab being picked off the wound again. We’ll see…

  5. PGreen

    The captain’s testimony isn’t consistent. He co-authored a book published two years ago. In the CNN interview the female co-author answered a question with, “It’s all in the book.” The CNN reporter replied, “I’m not interested in you selling your book.”
    The press conference was a “No comment” event. At least the sheriff said Wagner isn’t a suspect – a contradiction of the captain who links Wagner with Natalie Wood’s death. I don’t trust the captain’s account at this early stage because he’s already contradicted himself.

  6. moderator

    So, the press conference told us nothing…not surprised. The police aren’t going to broadcast who their suspects are anyway. It’s not within the investigations best interests to let the public in on what they’re doing. It’s not a reality show! In my opinion, the whole matter will quietly go away and go nowhere.

  7. PGreen

    The verdict was and still is accidental death. It seems they are merely exploring new evidence surrounding her death. If Wagner isn’t a suspect (which he isn’t) I see no reason for her death to still be nothing more than an accident. It’s just that the circumstances leading to her death may have been different than originally told.

  8. Lisa Sinkko

    Why does Natalie’s Sister want the Case Re-Opened? Does she suspect Foul Play?

  9. moderator

    It’s not just her…it’s the author of the book and captain of the boat. Not sure that she suspects foul play, but she feels she was never told the whole truth about what actually happened.

  10. PGreen

    Where is Christopher Walken in all of this? He remains silent.

  11. Lisa Sinkko

    I’ve never heard Christopher Walken speak of that night I saw on the weekend Today Show he has now Hired an Attorney…. Something Smells Foul to me!

  12. moderator

    An attorney…hmmmm…well, it’s probably standard procedure, but you have to wonder, don’t you?!

  13. Erika

    Natalie’s Sister wrote a book 15+ years ago – in it she does kinda blame RJ for circumstances of Natalie’s death & the fact that she thinks he is hiding a lot of things. Christopher Walken won’t talk about it & I often wonder about his involvement also. I still wonder a bit about him & what he knows yet I also think he does not talk about it out of respect for his friend Natalie & not because anything criminal.

    Altho there are those out there who say Natalie’s sister has a HUGE case of Sour Grapes & this how she keeps herself in the headlines….

  14. PGreen

    Walken refuses to talk for all these years and now hires an attorney who will no doubt speak for him. Lana Wood is a peripheral figure. She wasn’t there.

  15. Erika

    Pg – you are right about her being a Minor Figure, but she seems to be the Wood family spokesperson. The silence from Natalies daughters is also a bit unsettling…

  16. Lisa Sinkko

    Here is a link to a talk Radio Show that the Authors of the book were interviewed one of the 3 wise girls is a friend of mine on Facebook She believes the captain of the boat and says that the Davern has been trying to tell his story for years. here’s the link I’ll let you decide. http://​​threewisegirls/2010/03/11/​goodbye-natalie-goodbye-spl​endour

  17. PGreen

    The link doesn’t work Lisa. Earlier this year I interviewed Robert Wagner by phone for a new book (nothing related to this case). I found him to be friendly and a straight talker. Many lesser actors ignored my requests for interviews but Mr. Wagner went out of his way to talk with me. So all this talk of him being involved in murder based on the testimony of a captain seems far-fetched. I’ve seen the captain and the author interviewed on CNN. He contradicted his own testimony during the interview.
    I’ll wait and see wait athe police investigation reveals. Until then it’s all fodder for speculation and gossip.

    • Lisa Sinkko

      I don’t know him so I can only believe what you say. My mother may she Rest in Peace Loved him and would be so upset if she were alive today to see this all dredged up again; that said I do have a friend who has interviewed the author of the book and the ship’s captain. She believes their story and she is a respected author I’m sorry the link didn’t work. I’ll see if I can get another one. I just posted it to give all sides of the story. Haven’t heard anything new in a few days I will be interested at the end of this investigation.

  18. PGreen

    I’ll wait and see what the police investigation reveals. Excuse my sloppy typing… 🙂

  19. moderator

    The link broke up for me too, Lisa. Lots of people will come out of the woodwork and have an opinion either way. What matters, as Paul says, is the conclusion that the authorities come to…I doubt her cause of death will change, this is just a ripple in the ocean that will eventually fade out.

  20. PGreen

    It was interesting to see Robert Wagner on “NCIS” last night as a suspected murderer who was drunk and couldn’t recall how the body in the trunk of his car got there. I expected him to have a cameo but his role lasted through the entire episode. Fact and fiction have a weird way of crossing paths.

  21. moderator

    It’s all in the timing, Paul…NCIS probably got very good ratings last night!

  22. PGreen

    Well I don’t usually watch it but I did last night. Good episode.

  23. Erika

    Paul – Wagner is a Father of one of the Regulars on the show – that’s why he was in the full episode. He’s been on the show a few times. I missed it as it was preempted by the station to show a local Christmas Parade. I may have to catch it online.

    Did any catch Saturday nights 48 Hrs? It was about the Wood case, Cheryl Crane’s Murder of the Mobster & the calling girl named Miranda. Reported by Vanity Fair Reporters It was interesting. Or I thought it was…

  24. PGreen

    Thanks Erika. Somebody I know recommended I watch the 48 Hrs show. I missed it but think it’s online.

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