Uh Oh! Some Like It Hot…REMAKE In The Works…

In the words of my husband…”Why don’t they just re-release the original?!”

I second that…

Article About Remake Here


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13 responses to “Uh Oh! Some Like It Hot…REMAKE In The Works…

  1. PGreen

    Well they’ve made a travesty of Arthur Conan Doyle’s original vision of Sherlock Holmes and Watson so I don’t expect great things from them in a “Some Like It Hot” remake. In fact I think modern film makers are incapable of remaking Hollywood classics. It’s a pointless exrecise.

  2. Betty

    I am not a fan of remakes, Mutiny on the Bounty is a good example. While there are many fine actresses out there there is only one Marilyn. Who knows, perhaps a younger crowd would like it.

  3. moderator

    Why not just re-release the original? I bet there’s millions of younger people who haven’t seen it. If anything, the remake will encourage them to seek out the original. You just know that Jessica Alba or someone like her will be playing “Sugar,” cringeworthy to think of, really.

  4. PGreen

    They make more money with a re-make Michelle. And as we know Hollywood is all about money. Artistry is a happy bi-product.
    Kids born around 1990–95 are the target audience. Many have probably never heard of the original or know who Jack Lemon or Tony Curtis are. I assume they’ve heard of MM but you never know…

  5. moderator

    Yeah, and it’s interesting to note that Downey Jr. and Law are “seeking financial backers” for the project. I guess they don’t have enough faith in its box office return to pile their own millions into it…

  6. PGreen

    You can be certain they’ll make a clause in their contracts that ensures a big share of any profits though.

  7. moderator


  8. Erika

    Now wait a Minute Paul – I actually am enjoying the “SteamPunking” of Sherlock Holmes by Downey Jr. & Law. I think they have brought to life the fact that actually Watson was not some straight man for Holmes to speak to but a worthy partner. I feel other versions of Holmes has made Watson out to be almost a stooge to Holmes. I will admit it’s been years since I’ve read a Holmes Novel, but even in the books I never felt that Watson was as secondary as shown in the film versions.

    I will admit I not so excited about with what they all did in the latest 3 Muskateer’s remake.

    And I am SO TOTALLY against remaking one of the Greatest classics ever, but than again I am thinking of protesting in front of the studios about the remake of Adventures in Babysitting these days… LOL

  9. PGreen

    I’m a Holmes purist Lisa. Even having an American play Sherlock Holmes is bad news for me. You always have to go back to Conan Doyle’s original stories to get a good perspective on Watson – and to be honest he is rather dull, but intelligent. That’s the point. He’s a counterpoint to the brilliant and eccentric Holmes. I ignore the current trend for re-imagining classic characters. They will blow away in the wind of time while the original creations will remain set in stone for future generations.

  10. PGreen

    Ooop! Erika! Sorry Lisa and Erika. LOL

  11. Lisa Sinkko


  12. :Lisa Sinkko

    not you PGreen the mere thought of a re-make of “some like it hot” Blasphemy!

  13. PGreen

    That’s a relief Lisa. 🙂 The worst aspect of remakes is they often replace the original version in TV syndication in the short term. Some of the executives in charge today have zero appreciation and very limited knowledge of film history.

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