“The Artist” Continues To Shine…

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3 responses to ““The Artist” Continues To Shine…

  1. Betty

    I never go to movies, but I am making it a point to see this if it is ever in our area.

  2. Erika

    I doubt this will ever come to the Green Bay area before the Oscars.. It is playing in Madison but that’s a 3hr drive. It is playing in Milwaukee also but again that’s about a 2.5 hour drive.

    It’s sad but I don’t think people really realize what a HUGE monopoly the theater business is. I would say it is worse today for people that live in smaller cities to see the Good Indy films than it was when the Studios owned the theaters.

    Trust me I have PESTERED the boy guys at the local theater about IF they are going to get this movie before the Oscars…. It’s there companies own fault tho about 5 years ago they squeezed out the Indy theater guy, by not letting them get any reels. They should have left him be, as I would be bugging him about rather than them, but they decided to take over….

  3. Yes Erika, it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, for an independent film to get nationwide distribution because all the theatres are owned by major studios who plug their product. It’s a similar situation to the publishing industry wher the top New York publishers and their subsidiaries dominate bookstores. Publishers such as McFarland can’t get major bookstore distribution outside of independent stores. So the author is up against many obstacles from the start no matter how good their book is.

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