Remembering Marilyn…It’s Been FIFTY Years Since Her Death!

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death…

I am currently writing a book dedicated to her films. The scheduled release date will be sometime late in 2013, possibly early 2014.

**Happy New Year**


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2 responses to “Remembering Marilyn…It’s Been FIFTY Years Since Her Death!

  1. I often wonder had she lived into old age would her appeal be so great today? Look at Brigitte Bardot, Jane Russell etc. Bardot didn’t age well and isn’t in the news at all today. But had she died at her “sex kitten” height her image would be forever immortalized as the curvy, sexy French blonde.
    Had Monroe lived into her 80s and her looks and figure faded would she be another Bardot? Half forgotten by the public, an eccentric recluse? Dying young definitely traps your image in amber.

  2. moderator

    Dying young gives you a definite edge. You’re trapped in time and remembered in your most beautiful form. Had she lived to old age, I don’t believe she’d have the same fan following or mystique that she has now. Unfortunately, she had so many problems, reaching an advanced aged would have been impossible.

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