A Touch of Grace (Kelly) is Coming To Australia…

An exciting exhibition featuring a selection of Grace Kelly’s most famous costumes and outfits will be coming to Australia within the next couple of months.

See article link below for more details:

Article Here


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4 responses to “A Touch of Grace (Kelly) is Coming To Australia…

  1. Erika

    Please tell me you are going to see this AMAZING Exhibit!!!! WOW even I would jump on a plane to see it and if you could make sure Prince Albert is there also that would be great. 🙂 ( I swear I won”t try to run away from marring him Honestly)

    And I was excited to see a Real 1920’s Channel & Real Jo Copeland next month at a local exhibit.. They now pale in comparison… and I wonder if her Wedding gown will be there.. You know the 1 everyone is copying now cuz some English women tried to pass it off as her own last April… and the B&W tulle one from Rear Window, The Blue Strapless from To Catch a Thief, the white swimsuit & robe from High Society, and the Blue Chiffon from High Society also, along with Her Oscar dress.. Well those would be my top ones to want to see… ..

    If only I could sew…..

  2. moderator

    It’s at an art gallery in Bendigo, about a two hour drive from me, Erika. It’s actually quite surprising that it’s not in Melbourne proper, while Bendigo is a city unto itself, it’s still country Victoria. It’ll be great for the town. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make the trek and see what’s on offer to gawk at 🙂

  3. Erika

    You Make the time to go & see it!!!!

    You go & see the Grace Kelly Gowns & I will go see the 1920’s Chanel. Which is about a 2 hour drive away from me.

    We deserve to be able to take the time for ourselves see these once in a lifetime exhibits when they are so close to our communities.

    And if you sneak your camera in I will sneak mine in also.. hehe

  4. moderator

    They don’t allow photos? Geez! I suppose they sell some overpriced book with the photos in it…

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