Hollywood’s “Top Dog” – Rin Tin Tin…

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7 responses to “Hollywood’s “Top Dog” – Rin Tin Tin…

  1. Erika

    Sold a lot of copies of this book over Christmas at the store. It’s on my to check out list, but someone else seems to always have it checked out.
    It seems that the Pet books are always the first ones to have a waiting list for.
    I will say It does look well researched & written & it was very anticipated by the publisher to be a good seller as it was a Strict On Sale book. Leads me to believe they were kind of banking on “The Artist” to create an interest in the silent animal actors & Classic Hollywood.

    Honestly I put it in WWI History when it came in. Who knew that it was going to Pets & looks like it may actually be moved over to Bio’s the next time around.

  2. moderator

    Interesting to note that it’s a good seller, Erika. Years ago I was going to write a book on the animals that shaped Hollywood…uh, the four-legged variety. It got swept under the rug as another “maybe” project and just never got anywhere though.

  3. PGreen

    Interesting how a UK published book can get US major bookstore distribution and McFarland books can’t. It’s time McFarland tried to expand their horizons. Despite bookstores closing down bookstore distribution across America is vital to good sales.

  4. moderator

    Lower prices and bookstore distribution would help dramatically. I agree, Paul.

  5. Erika

    Many best selling books here in the U.S. are printed & released in the UK months beforehand. I used to go to a store in Milwaukee that used a UK store to get copies of Alison Weir’s books WAY before the US publisher released them. I think they were already UK publisher remainder books because the markup on them wasn’t even that high.

    I am kind of surprised that B&N doesn’t carry Mc Farland, as they carry a bunch of “small Press” business, who”s books don’t really sell. (alright maybe they don”t really sell in OUR store because they don”t have a Green & Gold Football Player on the cover..)

  6. moderator

    It has something to do with the B&N return policy, Erika. I remember McF telling me years ago. I guess they did have their books in store at one stage, got too many returns and didn’t want to deal with it.

  7. PGreen

    I was told by my local B&N that McFarland books were too expensive to stock on their shelves. I checked on my Virginian TV series book being stocked a few years ago and they asked, “Who are McFarland?” They checked their warehouse and found one copy in stock. Distribution is outside the author’s control. Initial print runs for the scholarly press are low and the POD (Print-On-Demand) business model is becoming more popular with the rise of digital printing. It’s all about economics at the end of the day.

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