Zsa Zsa Turns 95!

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3 responses to “Zsa Zsa Turns 95!

  1. Betty

    The whole thing is disgusting and I feel Larry King is just as disgusting. I am very sure Ms. Garbo would, if she could, not have allowed those photos..

  2. PGreen

    Garbo? 🙂 Yes these photos of an old, very ill woman in bed seem heartless. Gabor was a very glamorous and attractive woman in her heyday so I don’t see what point these photos serve. I guess they wake some people up to the realities of life but the beaming Larry King and his young wife seems at odds with the sad image of an aged and infirm Zsa Zsa Gabor.

  3. Moderator

    It’s disgusting! For Zsa Zsa, who has no sense of what’s going on, to have her husband throw a party (not for her, but for HIM!) and parade these “guests” in and out for her to visit with, it’s the lowest of the lows. I was surprised to learn of the “celebrity guest list” in attendance.

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