Goodbye, Whitney…

The announcement of Whitney Houston’s death today, while not surprising, was still a shock. It’s a well-known fact that news outlets have had her obituary written for over a decade. She was on a death watch. Her angelic voice ruined, she was booed from stages around the world, slowly dying from a long-term addiction to booze and drugs…and we all stood by and watched it happen. Well, today it finally happened.

How many of the people (read: celebrities) writing “loving tributes” stepped in to truly help her?

Yes, some addicts are beyond help, but with money not an issue and rehab centers at her fingertips, if she wanted help and she was serious about getting clean, it was there. She certainly had a better chance than most addicts.

The keyword is “IF” she wanted help…maybe she didn’t.

Drugs always win!

Rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight, male, female…it doesn’t matter. Sadly, death is the guaranteed end.

RIP Whitney!

The world lost you years before you died…today you just made things permanent.

Story Here

One Moment In Time. 

Listen and remember the many moments in time that Whitney Houston shared with the world. She will be greatly missed.

As the last line goes…”I will be free”.

You’re free now, Whitney.


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5 responses to “Goodbye, Whitney…

  1. Betty

    She was beautiful and talented and this just shouldn’t have happened. Being a person without talent I so appreciate it in others and hate to see it wasted or lost. RIP Whitney

  2. The music industry is rife with drugs and always has been. But it’s seen as cool. In an infamous interview with Diane Sawyer, Whitney Houston told her she didn’t take crack because she could afford better drugs (words to that effect). She was laughing about her drug habit. How do you help people with this attitude? If you or I admitted to drug use on national TV we’d be placed in jail. Celebrities boast about it and get a free pass.
    And beneath Whitney were an army of minders and suppliers. Just like Michael Jackson they enabled her habit. Now they sing her praises and cry over her death. But these people were part of the process. It’s all hypocritical. The guys will blame the media or whatever for her addiction while continuing their own drug habits.

  3. When someone’s life is cut short it is always a tragedy. We don’t know yet what killed whitney but I’m sure her past drug and alcohol addiction was a contributing factor. I hope she is a piece now and my thoughts are withb her family especially bobbi Kristina her Daughter.

    When someone is a victim of the disease of addiction they have to want to get clean for themselves in their own lives. Robert Downey Jr. Did, Tom Sizemore did, Amy Winehouse did not Mike Starr was clean for a long time and made a serious slip off the wagon that cost him his life. I went to School to be an addiction specialist and you have to want to get clean for yourself first or it just won’t work. Whitney may turn out to be RIP Whitney…

  4. Moderator

    I think many of the people who have drug addictions in the film and music industry have low self esteem, DESPITE their fame. They can be loved by millions, but they don’t love themselves. The substance abuse gives them the self-confidence they don’t have…the adoration of a world of strangers only enhances their insecurities.

    Just watched Jennifer Hudson’s performance of “I Will Always Love You” at the Grammy Awards. Fantastic rendition. But you have to wonder if Whitney truly knew the impact she had on the world? That she was loved? Probably not.

    It appears that alcohol and prescription drugs took her life. That fatal cocktail. We’ve heard it before, we’ll hear it again. She was found in the bath, under the water. She probably slipped into a deep coma, died and just went right under. I doubt she drowned. I think she was dead before that happened. If she was at all conscious when she went under, the submersion would have roused her awake.

    Her daughter is lucky that she had her mother for 18 years…while it’s still a tragedy to lose her at such a young age, with the path she was on, Whitney could have easily died many years ago, when Bobbi Kristina was a child.

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