A Modern Film About the Making of a Classic Film…A New Trend?

They used to be called documentaries, and they used to star the actual actors and directors involved in the original film, but it seems the success of My Week With Marilyn, about the making of The Prince and the Showgirl, starring Marilyn Monroe/Laurence Olivier has started a Hollywood trend.

Forget the remakes, make a film about “the making of a film”. Hitchcock’s Psycho is next to get the A-list treatment, with Scarlett Johansson playing “the blonde victim,” Janet Leigh, James D’Arcy (do I know him?!) as the spine-chilling, “Norman Bates,” and Anthony Hopkins as the master himself, “Alfred Hitchcock”. Helen Mirren has already signed on to play Hitchcock’s wife, “Alma”.

And, going by the information presented in the below article, this idea isn’t going anywhere fast…yep, that’s right, there are other films just like it in the works!

Article HERE

Be sure to watch the original teaser trailer below. Alfred Hitchcock gives an onset tour of the Psycho set…as only he could.



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5 responses to “A Modern Film About the Making of a Classic Film…A New Trend?

  1. PGreen

    I much prefer documentaries using actual footage of the original films and interviews with the original actors. From the criticisms of “My Week With Marilyn” these films are similar to Reality TV in that fact and fiction are mixed together for dramatic effect. As historical records they have little value. As entertainment they pass a few hours. As you know Michelle, we try our best to make certain all facts in our books are factual and sourced. So it annoys me greatly when I see revisionist history for the sake of entertainment.

  2. PGreen

    I recall watching an interview on a UK show called “Cinema” in the 1970s. Michael Parkinson was a host at one time. Sir Laurence Olivier was interviwed and talked about working with Marilyn Monroe. He came across as crude and sexist referring to her as “all tits and ass.” That was his opinion of her. But I would rather watch that footage of Olivier than see Kenneth Branagh doing his imitation of an actor who was unique.

    • Moderator

      Yeah, My Week With Marilyn was based on Colin Clark’s book and his “affair” with her is part of the book, and film. A little artistic license to spice up a behind the scenes story that needed nothing but a direct retelling of “actual” events. This new spate of films about “the making of real films” reminds me of those reenactments they have on crime shows when the real people aren’t involved. I can’t see it lasting. It’s just the new Hollywood fad…that said, who will they cast in “The Making of Gone With The Wind an The Wizard of Oz?!” You know they’re coming…

  3. PGreen

    Yes it’s just a fad Michelle. One bomb at the box-office and the pack will fall. The “Psycho” film will obviously attract attention for the shower scene and the amply endowed Scarlet will ensure plenty of publicity. Add 3D and the blood, nudity and gore will splash all over your face. Sorry to sound crass but that’s the bottom line. “Psycho” has been filmed and analyzed to death. What more is there to tell?

  4. Erika

    IF they do GWTW & Wizard of Oz – I hope they don”t cast that girl from Glee…

    We got the Marilyn Week book in late last week. I was paging thru it said that this guy was Sir Laurence Olivier’s Personal assistant for many years.

    Kinda wish he would have written a book about that.

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