“The Artist” Boosts Silent Film Awareness

A positive sign…I only hope it continues…

Article HERE


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3 responses to ““The Artist” Boosts Silent Film Awareness

  1. Erika

    WHAT?! No Harold Llyod, Greta Garbo, Clara Bow,Louise Brooks, Norma Talmadge, Mabel Normand, Thelma Todd, Ronald Coleman, Ramon Novarro, Pola Negri, Lillian Gish, or Boris Karloff Films Mentioned!!!

    I don’t know maybe I missed the point of this article.. It also kinda ticks me off, everything vintage/ charity shopped & “Old Hollywood” is Trendy now. It takes a lot patience for the real fans like us to get thru these waves of trendy.

    Maybe I am just sick of people saying that they LOVE old films but can only names ones that have the logo’s & Iconic pictures on merchandise at major department stores. (The BOBOB included)

  2. Moderator

    It will have its good and bad sides, Erika.

    The upside is that many people who seek out a few choice silents will love them and invest the rest of their lives into seeking out a new medium of entertainment that before “The Artist” never even crossed their minds. It’s like a whole new world of film has opened up to them. That’s exciting.

    For others, it will be a fad…they’d be in the “it’s trendy to like silents” group.

    For most, “The Artist” will be IT! And for those people…well, they don’t know what they’re missing…

  3. PGreen

    Like everything in our consumer society this trend will pass quickly unless “The Artist” encourages other silent films. As for the past it’s all subjective. I like many silent Lon Chaney films. ‘The Phantom of the Opera” is genuinely creepy. I was introduced to silent films as a kid on a weekly show called “Mad Movies” with the late British comedian Bob Monkhouse. But they were all comedy films. Then an American series whose name I forget introduced me to the serious films. Many were wonderful to watch. Silent films deserve a renaissance and appreciation by a new generation.

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