The Return of “Mamba”…The Story of a Lost Film – FOUND!

Mamba is a fascinating story of a “lost” film – found! Discovered in Adelaide, Australia, in the hands of a couple in their 80’s, Mamba has been restored to its former glory and it’s screening tonight in Syracuse, New York…for the first time in EIGHTY years!

Read About the Discovery of Mamba Here


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3 responses to “The Return of “Mamba”…The Story of a Lost Film – FOUND!

  1. Great story Michelle. I just wish we had a YouTube clip to watch. 🙂 The title card and Zulu subject matter has me interested.

    • Moderator

      I wonder if it’ll eventually be released on DVD… Probably will be. It’s exciting to know that these lost films are being rediscovered all these years later, especially a film like “Mamba” because it was so ahead of its time when it was released. Sounds like a thorough job has been done of the restoration too. I’m sure the audience will have a great time viewing it.

  2. betty1114

    This is really good news Michelle. It does seem that more of these films are being found and restored. I watched a few Mabel Normand films and I was completly enthralled.

    Here is hoping more films will show up

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