Hedy Lamarr: Not Just a Pretty Face!

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13 responses to “Hedy Lamarr: Not Just a Pretty Face!

  1. Erika

    Whenever this book comes in at work, I want to put in the Biography section of the sorting tables. It actually goes in the Science section.

    A very smart woman. Yet like so many of the Classic Hollywood stars, she fell on hard times & her “golden years” were pretty awful. I think by the 60’s she was flat broke & had to write her memoirs in hopes that she could make a bit of money. By the late 90’s she was broke again, despite all her patents & her Hollywood past.

  2. PGreen

    “The ladder of success in Hollywood is usually agent, actor, director, producer, leading man. And you are a star if you sleep with them in that order. Crude but true.” Hedy Lamaar
    Her life was interesting and eventful. She had many, many husbands, sued Mel Brooks for $10 million in 1974 because he used her name without her permission in “Blazing Saddles”, sued her publisher etc. Sounds like somebody I know Michelle. A bit of a control freak. Edith Head disliked working with her and she was well known for sleeping around. She admits it. Let’s face it Hollywood is full of hookers who can act.

  3. PGreen

    However it seems Lamaar was an intelligent woman and a fascinating subject for a biography.

  4. Erika

    There was another Bio about her that came out about her about 1 1/2 ago. That one focused mainly on her Hollywood life this one is more about her study & interest in Technology.

    Did she win the Mel Brooks lawsuit? and I am not sure how much I trust Edith Head, I’ve read some of the unflattering stories written/spoken about her also..

  5. PGreen

    Yes the lawsuit with Brooks was settled out of court Erika so the sum was never disclosed.
    Edith Head disliked three female stars – Lamaar, Claudette Colbert and Paulette Goddard. I”ve researched both Colbert and Goddard in my past work and they did have a reputation for being difficult. So I see no reason to doubt Edith Head on this one. And it is just her personal opinion.

  6. betty1114

    Just the other day I was reading a book and in one chapter, Hedy’s daughter was being interviewed. She said by the time the goverment got around to using her technology the patnet had lapsed and she never made a dime off of it. In reference to her autobiography she said her mother signed off on it and the book was all made up. She did have several husbands, she did sound like a selfish woman, and as Paul said, she was reported to have slept around, and I think her acting skills were limited at best, but smart and shrewd she was.

  7. PGreen

    That sounds like something the government would do Betty. Wait until they can use the invention for free and make millions from it. Typical mentality of big business. If you can’t steal the idea wait until the patent expires. And the government has made sure patents don’t last much beyond 20 years.

  8. Erika

    PG – i don’t think Edith cared much for Audrey Hepburn after the Sabrina/Head/Givenchy costume issue either. Colbert? that kind of surprises me. Paulette was a bit spoiled from what I have red, there’s a few passages about her relationship with Chaplin in a Bio I have about Oona O’Neil Chaplin. She is not presented in the most flattering way. Altho I like to think it was just because she was so young at the time. come to think of it good Bio on Paulette would be a nice addition to my classic Hollywood Bio collection.. hmmmm

  9. Moderator

    It would be a good project for Paul. He’s book free at the moment.

  10. PGreen

    Colbert only liked her face to be photographed from one side and was quite demanding on “Since You Went Away” Erika. She wante more days off etc. Although Joseph Cotten said he enjoyed working with her.
    Yes Paulette Goddard would be a good companion piece to my Jennifer Jones book Michelle. Both dark haired beauties who married very powerful men.

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