Tippi Hedren – So Traumatized Shooting “The Birds,” She Was Sedated!

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2 responses to “Tippi Hedren – So Traumatized Shooting “The Birds,” She Was Sedated!

  1. PGreen

    Hitchcock could be a sadistic director. He made life very hard for Tippi Hedren because she ignored his advances. He had a thing for attractive blonde women. I remember watching him in a documentary directing a scene from “Frenzy.” Barry Foster’s character was strangling a secretary. Because it was 1969 censorship was relaxed and the woman had a breast exposed. Hitchcock was directing the scene at close range and practically drooling over the actress. I think he acted out his fantasies in his films.

    • Moderator

      Yeah, he had a thing for blondes and he was quite bold in his advances. When you look at him you don’t get that “dirty old man” vibe from him, at least I don’t, but it’s been talked about enough over the years, I guess it’s true. Yep, Hedren had real problems with him because she rebuffed him.

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